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Casting for the Classics: A Tour of the USA’s State Fish

StateState FishAverage WeightFishing SeasonAlabamaLargemouth Bass2-10 lbsYear-round, peak season: March-JuneAlaskaKing Salmon20-50 lbsMay-July for the Kenai RiverArizonaApache Trout0.5-2 lbsYear-roundArkansasChannel Catfish2-20 lbsYear-roundCaliforniaGolden Trout0.5-2 lbsLate April to mid-NovemberColoradoGreenback Cutthroat1-5 lbsYear-round in some watersConnecticutAmerican Shad3-8 lbsLate April to early JuneDelawareWeakfish1-10 lbsApril to NovemberFloridaLargemouth Bass2-10 lbsYear-round, peak season: February-MayGeorgiaLargemouth Bass2-10...