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Fish Lake, Utah

Fish Lake Utah: A Gem of a Fishing Destination

If you are looking for a scenic and relaxing place to fish in Utah, you might want to consider Fish Lake. Fish Lake is the largest natural mountain lake in the state, and one of the most popular fishing spots in the Fishlake National Forest. It offers trophy fishing and bird watching, as well as hiking, biking, boating, and camping opportunities. In this article, we will give you some information about Fish Lake, including the type of fish you can catch, the average weight, the season, and the permit requirements.

Type of Fish

Fish Lake is home to a variety of fish species, but it is especially known for its lake trout, also called mackinaw. These fish can grow up to 50 pounds and are a challenge for anglers. Other fish species include yellow perch, brown trout, rainbow trout, splake (a hybrid of lake trout and brook trout), and tiger muskie (a hybrid of muskellunge and northern pike). Here is a table that summarizes the type of fish in Fish Lake, their average weight, their season, and their permit requirements.

Type of FishAverage WeightSeasonPermit Required
Lake Trout10-20 poundsYear-roundYes
Yellow Perch1-2 poundsYear-roundYes
Brown Trout2-4 poundsYear-roundYes
Rainbow Trout1-3 poundsYear-roundYes
Splake2-6 poundsYear-roundYes
Tiger Muskie10-15 poundsMay-OctYes

Fish Lake Statistics

Fish Lake is located in south-central Utah at the base of the Mytoge Mountains, at an elevation of about 8,800 feet. It has a surface area of about 2,500 acres and a maximum depth of about 150 feet. It is fed by several streams and springs, and drains into Lake Creek, which flows into the Fremont River. The water temperature ranges from 32°F in winter to 65°F in summer. The lake is surrounded by aspen forests and meadows that provide habitat for wildlife such as elk, deer, moose, bear, cougar, turkey, and mountain goats. Here is a table that summarizes some statistics about Fish Lake.

Surface Area2,500 acres
Maximum Depth150 feet
Elevation8,800 feet
Water Temperature32-65°F
WildlifeElk, deer, moose, bear, cougar, turkey, mountain goats

Fish Lake Utah is a gem of a fishing destination that offers anglers a chance to catch trophy fish and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you are looking for a day trip or a longer stay, you will find plenty of activities and amenities to make your visit memorable. You can rent a cabin or an RV space at one of the two resorts on the lake shore, or camp at one of the several campgrounds nearby. You can also explore the trails that surround the lake by foot or by bike. You can also visit the world’s largest organism, Pando, a massive colony of aspen trees that covers 106 acres near the lake. Whatever you choose to do at Fish Lake Utah, you will not be disappointed by this mountain paradise.

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