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The Woods Unveiled: A Real tale of a Hunter, a Bear, and a Hidden Buck

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a post shared by a friend of mine about a man who shot a massive Maine Black Bear, which appeared to have been trying to conceal a buck it had killed. Intrigued, I scrolled to the pictures and found Sam Allen’s story. And you won’t believe it until you read this and see the pictures below!

The First Encounter: A Game of Patience and Chance

On November 4th, our hunter, driven by the thrill of the chase, ventured into a previously unexplored area of the woods, abundant with signs of deer activity. Engaging in still hunting, a method requiring immense patience and stealth, he encountered a massive buck. The dance between hunter and prey was a tense one, marked by moments of near capture and elusive maneuvers. The buck, sensing danger yet curious, played a game of peek-a-boo around a pine tree, a moment etched in the hunter’s memory. Despite a well-aimed shot, the buck vanished without a trace, leaving behind no evidence of being hit, much to the relief of our protagonist, who values a clean miss over wounding an animal.

A Second Chance: An Unbelievable Turn of Events

Fast forward to November 11th, our determined hunter, Sam Allen returned to the same area, hoping for a second chance at the elusive buck. However, nature had other plans. Descending a steep hill, he spotted movement, which to his astonishment, turned out to be a bear, a creature he hadn’t planned on encountering. With precision and skill, he took down the bear, only to discover a shocking scene: the bear had been covering a large buck, potentially the same one he had encountered the week before.

Sam Allen's Maine Black Bear and Whitetail Buck

The Communal Effort: A Test of Teamwork and Resourcefulness

This discovery set off a chain of events involving friends and a sense of camaraderie that defines hunting. Tyler, Mark, and Wade, friends of our hunter, joined in to witness the unbelievable sight and assist in the arduous task of extracting the bear and the buck from the woods. Their journey was marked by challenges, from a snapped knife blade to a laborious drag uphill, testing their resilience and ingenuity. The task of cleaning the bear with a mere box cutter, a testament to their resourcefulness, was a feat in itself.

Sam Allen's Maine Black Bear and Whitetail Buck

The Aftermath: A Tale That Echoes in the Wild

Upon returning home, a meeting with a game warden added another layer to this already remarkable story. The warden, equally astounded, surmised that the bear might have actually killed the deer. The hunter’s Prius, an unlikely vehicle for such a rugged adventure, carrying the bear and the deer, became a symbol of the unpredictability and the eclectic nature of this journey.

Sam Allen's Maine Black Bear and Whitetail Buck

A Memory Etched in the Heart of the Wild

In the end, our hunter and his friends managed to haul a 332lb dressed black bear and a majestic buck, a feat that will be remembered and recounted for years to come. This hunting adventure, a blend of skill, luck, and the unpredictability of nature, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the wild and the bonds forged in the heart of the woods.

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