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Megan Bennett’s Inspirational Second Year in Hunting: The Monarch Buck

Megan Bennett’s second year of hunting in the tranquil expanses of Waldo County proved to be a transformative and successful journey. Although her first year passed without a harvest, her persistence and dedication paid off remarkably in her second season. This year, she achieved a rare accomplishment for any hunter, let alone someone relatively new to the sport: the harvest of both a doe and a majestic buck within a week. Megan’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, skill development, and a deepening bond with nature.

First Triumph: Harvesting a Doe

Megan’s breakthrough in hunting began with the tagging of a doe at Weavers on November 2nd. This milestone was more than just her first successful hunt; it marked a significant progression in her hunting journey. The experience encapsulated the essential virtues of patience, discipline, and respect for the wilderness.

Megan's Maine Doe
Megan’s Maine Doe

A Week of Wonders: The Monarch Buck

Exactly seven days later, Megan’s skills and patience were rewarded once again. She tagged an exceptional 8-point buck at Tobey’s Grocery in China, an achievement that many seasoned hunters dream of. This particular buck, known for its elusiveness and only seen in nocturnal camera captures, represented a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

Megan's Maine Buck
Megan’s Maine Buck

The Pivotal Hunt

On a chilly Thursday morning, Megan found herself in her stand before dawn. The day unfolded with a mix of anticipation and contemplation, climaxing just as she considered leaving for work. Encouraged by a loving shout-out from her boyfriend, Jason, her biggest supporter and mentor, Megan decided to extend her wait. This decision led to the remarkable encounter with the majestic buck.

Executing a skilled 30-yard off-hand shot, Megan displayed remarkable composure and focus. Her successful shot, a clean one through the heart, exemplified her growing expertise and ethical approach to hunting.

Megan's Maine Buck
Megan’s Maine Buck

Beyond the Hunt

For Megan, hunting transcended the act of harvesting game. The early morning ventures into the woods before work were moments of tranquility and self-reflection. They taught her valuable lessons in self-discipline, patience, and a deeper appreciation for the awakening forest around her.

Embracing the Hunting Community

Sharing her experiences, Megan discovered the supportive and encouraging nature of the hunting community. The advice and camaraderie she received not only enriched her experience but also solidified her passion for the sport.

A Harvest of Gratitude

The substantial 230-pound buck was more than a personal victory; it was a source of nourishment and a symbol of Megan’s gratitude towards nature, God, and the animal itself. Her story highlights the hunter’s responsibility to honor the life taken and to utilize the harvest fully and respectfully.

A Future in the Forest

Megan Bennett’s second hunting season, marked by these remarkable firsts, has set a foundation for a lifetime of hunting adventures. With a heart full of gratitude and a renewed passion, she eagerly anticipates future seasons, ready to embrace the lessons and experiences that await in the woods. Her journey is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how persistence in hunting can lead to personal growth, a profound respect for nature, and a deeper understanding of life’s intricate tapestry.

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