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Unexpected Bonds: Cole Zydel’s Story of Hunting, Heart, and Helping

A Senior’s Act of Kindness in Maine

Cole Zydel, a senior at Maine Maritime Academy, shares a touching narrative that goes beyond the usual college experiences. Hailing from New Jersey, Cole’s journey in Maine started with a challenging quest for a hunting ground, which led to an unexpected bond with a local family.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

Two years ago, Cole embarked on a door-to-door journey, seeking permission to hunt on private property. This endeavor was met with numerous rejections and dismissive remarks. However, perseverance paid off when a kind-hearted single mother of four allowed him to hunt on her land. This marked the beginning of a relationship based on mutual respect and gratitude.

The Harvest and Beyond

Over the past two years, Cole has successfully harvested two beautiful bucks on this property. But the story isn’t just about the hunt. It’s about the connection he formed with the landowner and her family. Described as adorable and sweet, the children quickly found a place in Cole’s heart, as did their mother, whom he describes as the most kind-hearted person he’s ever met.

Maine Whitetail Deer
Image by Cole Zydel – Facebook

A Glimpse into Struggles

Despite the warmth and kindness of this family, their financial struggles are evident. The mother’s hardships are noticeable in the sale of household items and essentials on Facebook. Cole, empathizing with their situation, has been contributing in small yet significant ways. His regular gesture of bringing donuts for the children is a simple act of kindness that brings joy to the family.

A Senior’s Farewell and a Lasting Impact

As Cole prepares to graduate and return to New Jersey, he reflects on this being likely his final interaction with the family. This realization doesn’t deter his determination to help. With the holidays approaching and understanding the added financial stress, Cole has taken an initiative to ease their burden.

Maine Whitetail Buck
Image by Cole Zydel – Facebook

A Call to Action

In an effort to provide more substantial support, Cole has set up a GoFundMe campaign. Recognizing that even the smallest contributions can make a big difference, he encourages others to participate in this act of kindness. The campaign aims to ensure that this kind-hearted Maine family has a less stressful holiday season.

Cole Zydel’s story is a beautiful example of how unexpected encounters can lead to meaningful relationships and acts of kindness. It’s a reminder that in our pursuits, we can find opportunities to make a significant difference in others’ lives. As Cole moves forward in his journey, his compassion and efforts for this Maine family will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

To support Cole’s initiative and contribute to the family’s well-being, please visit the GoFundMe page here: GoFundMe Campaign.

Update on the GoFundMe Campaign

The campaign destroyed the original goal by over 3 times already! Amazing job!

And what was in Cole’s letter?

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