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Maine’s Magnificent Monarch: The Tale of Tim Elsenheimer’s Legendary Buck

WeightPointsTagged byStationLocation
238 Ibs8Tim ElsenheimerLagrange General StoreLagrange, Maine
Gross NetTinesMassHarvested W/
180 1/8 inches176 1/8 inchesUp to 12 inches45 inchesCrossbow
Potentially the largest 8 point harvested in Maine as well as the new crossbow state record!

Maine’s Magnificent Monarch: The Tale of Tim Elsenheimer’s Legendary Buck

In the crisp air of an October evening, with autumn painting the forests of Maine in fiery hues, a narrative fit for hunting lore unfolded. Tim Elsenheimer, a name now etched in the annals of Maine’s hunting heritage, stepped out with a quiver of patience and a crossbow in hand. What transpired was not just a hunt but a dance with destiny, as he harvested what may be the largest 8-point whitetail buck ever taken in the state—a regal beast that roamed the woodlands of Penobscot County, now immortalized in its fall.

Maine Trophy Whitetail
Tim’s buck on trail cam – Image Courtesy of Tim Elsenheimer

A Buck of Legend

Like the whisper of leaves, word of Elsenheimer’s trophy has rustled through the hunting community—a buck with a green score of 180 1/8 gross and a net of 176 1/8. But numbers alone fail to capture the saga of this deer. With over 45 inches of mass and tines reaching skyward to 12 inches, this whitetail was not just another entry in a record book; it was a testament to the wild heart of Maine.

Maine Trophy Whitetail
– Image Courtesy of Tim Elsenheimer

The Pursuit of Passion

Elsenheimer’s pursuit of this whitetail was a years-long odyssey, spoken of with the reverence reserved for epics. He chronicled the journey on social media, his words a mosaic of respect and awe for the creature he chased. “Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this majestic buck!!! I am so blessed!!!” he exclaimed, sharing the buck’s journey from a 130″ 3.5-year-old to the 238-pound titan he bowed to on that fateful October day. His story was not one of chance but of choice—to wait, to watch, and to honor the life of an animal that grew under his watchful eye.

The Hunt That Wrote History

The day of reckoning, October 3, 2023, was like the final chapter of a tale long in the making. On his home turf near Lagrange, Elsenheimer became the orchestrator of a wild symphony. The buck, accompanied by a spike, emerged into the clearing, their steps a silent ballet amidst the red clover. They were creatures of habit, creatures of beauty, unaware that this routine would lead them into the annals of a hunter’s dream.

As the drama unfolded under the gaze of an apple tree, Elsenheimer was the maestro of patience. A pair of grunts, a pause, and the world held its breath as the deer altered their course, drawing ever closer to destiny’s edge. The moment was ripe, the crossbow raised, a bolt flew, and the script of the hunt trembled. The first shot missed, a miscalculation in the heat of passion.

Maine Trophy Whitetail
– Image Courtesy of Tim Elsenheimer

But fate had a twist; the buck, alert yet calm, granted Elsenheimer a second chance. With a steady hand, he realigned his aim, the distance now a mere 42 yards. The trigger was touched, the bolt found its mark. Tim, with the seasoned eye of a veteran hunter, felt the shot had found the high lung—a lethal strike, but one that whispered for caution. He decided to give the majestic buck the grace of time.

After a call with his son he traced his steps back to the woodland’s edge, where the leaves whispered secrets of a story coming to its close. Tim approached the corner where destiny had promised an end to the chase. And there, in the serene embrace of the forest, lay the buck. Beneath the protective arms of an apple tree, the deer rested, its majestic form now still, a testament to the hunt’s conclusion and the respect between predator and prey.

A Record in the Making

As Tim Elsenheimer closed the distance to his fallen trophy, each step through the underbrush was a step into the annals of hunting lore. Here lay not just any harvest, but a buck that bore the hallmarks of history—a magnificent 8-pointer that could very well top Maine’s charts. The animal before him was a marvel of nature, its antlers a testament to the wild’s grandeur, potentially the largest 8-point ever harvested in Maine. And in the realm of crossbow hunting, it was a contender to set a new state record. The significance of his achievement was as weighty as the antlered crown that graced the buck’s head, a crown that might soon be celebrated as a symbol of Maine’s rich hunting heritage.

Maine Trophy Whitetail
– Image Courtesy of Tim Elsenheimer

The Support Behind the Shot

No hunter is an island, and Elsenheimer’s achievement was cradled in the hands of his family. “I would also like to thank my wife and family for being with me and putting up with me pursuing my passion for big deer,” he shared on Facebook, a sentiment that echoes in the hearts of those who understand the hunter’s call.

A Grateful Hunter’s Reflection

As the story of the Lagrange legend concludes, Elsenheimer’s homage to the divine intertwines with the visceral beauty of the hunt. “Thank you again Lord!!!” he writes, a humbled conqueror paying tribute to the grand tapestry of life. His tale is more than a record—it’s a mosaic of patience, respect, and the ancient dance between man and nature.

In the end, Tim Elsenheimer’s journey with the majestic whitetail of Maine is a narrative of dedication that transcends the mere act of hunting. It is a vivid testament to the bond between man and nature, a story engraved in the annals of a hunter’s legacy.

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