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How to put a bobber on a fishing line : For Beginners

How to put a bobber on a fishing line : For Beginners

We all need to start somewhere, you may be a young buck going on your first fishing expedition on the river bank behind your gramps house or maybe your just late to start. Regardless the case I hope this easy to follow guide helps you in one way or another.

First, you need some things to start. A fishing pole, a fishing line, a bobber (a colorful little float), and a pair of scissors. You can usually find these in a fishing kit.

Then you have to pick a bobber. Different bobbers are good for different kinds of fishing. You pick one depending on the size and color and how it will work for the fish you want to catch.

Then you have to get your fishing string ready. If it’s already attached to your fishing pole, you can skip this step. If not, you have to thread the string through the little hoops on your fishing pole. Leave some extra string hanging from the tip of the pole.

Then you need to think about how deep you want your bait to go into the water. This is where you’ll put your bobber on the string.

Then it’s time to attach your bobber. You hold your string and slide the bobber onto it. Most bobbers have a hole in the middle to put the string through. Some bobbers have a clip that you can open and close around the string.

Then you need to slide your bobber up or down the string to the place you want it. Remember how deep you want your bait to go? That’s where you put your bobber. You can pinch the bobber to hold it in place for a little while.

Next, you need to make sure your bobber stays in place. There are a few ways to do this.

You can slide a little rubber band on the string under the bobber. This stops the bobber from moving but lets you change its place if you want to.

Or you can tie a knot in the string above and below the bobber. The knot should be too big to fit through the hole in the bobber.

Or you can slide a tiny plastic bead onto the string, and tie a knot above it. The bead stops the knot from sliding through the bobber.

Then you can cut off any extra string hanging down from the bobber. Leave a little extra so you can change things if you need to.

Then you should check your setup. Hold your pole with the bobber hanging down. Make sure it’s in the right place. Shake your pole a little to make sure the bobber can slide up and down the string.

And there you have it! You’ve put a bobber on a fishing string. Now you can put bait on your hook and throw your line in the water. Watch your bobber to see when a fish bites. Happy fishing!

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