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The Hill Gould Buck: A Legendary Maine Deer with a Fascinating Story

For deer hunters in Maine, the name Hill Gould is synonymous with one of the most legendary bucks in the state’s history. The story of this majestic animal has captivated hunters and outdoor enthusiasts for generations. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the Hill Gould buck and share some insights on how to find more information about it.

The Story of the Hill Gould Buck

Hill Gould was a farmer from Oxford County, Maine, who lived in the early 1900s. He was an avid outdoorsman and a skilled hunter, and he spent much of his free time pursuing big game in the woods and fields near his home. It was on one of these hunting trips that he encountered the deer that would make him famous.

According to legend, Hill Gould spotted the buck while out hunting in the fall of 1910. The animal was massive, with a huge rack of antlers that seemed to stretch out for miles. Gould knew that he had to take this deer down, and he began tracking it through the woods.

After several days of tracking and stalking, Gould finally got within range of the buck. He took his shot, and the deer went down. When Gould approached the animal, he was amazed to see just how big it was. The antlers measured an astonishing 39 inches, making it one of the largest bucks ever recorded in Maine.

The Hill Gould buck quickly became a legend among Maine hunters. Gould had the animal mounted and put on display in his home, where it became a popular attraction for visitors. Over time, the story of the buck grew and took on a life of its own. Today, more than a century after its death, the Hill Gould buck remains one of the most celebrated deer in Maine history.

Finding More Information About the Hill Gould Buck

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hill Gould buck, there are a few different resources you can turn to. One of the best places to start is with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. They maintain a wealth of information about the state’s wildlife and hunting history, including records of notable deer like the Hill Gould buck.

Another great resource is the Maine State Library. They have a vast collection of books, maps, and historical documents that relate to the state’s history and culture. You may be able to find books or articles about Hill Gould and his famous deer in their collection.

The Hill Gould buck is an important part of Maine’s hunting history and a beloved symbol of the state’s wild heritage. Its story is a testament to the power of the outdoors to inspire and captivate us, and to the incredible beauty and majesty of the animals that call our forests and fields home. If you’re a hunter or outdoor enthusiast in Maine, take some time to explore the story of the Hill Gould buck and the rich history of hunting and conservation in our state.

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