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Massachusetts Hunting Zones

Massachusetts Hunting Zones

Massachusetts has a wealth of natural and wildlife resources. MassWildlife, the state agency responsible for wildlife conservation and management, oversees more than 200,000 acres of land that are open to the public for various outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching, and more.

To manage the wildlife populations in the state, MassWildlife (State Agency responsible for wildlife conservation and management in Mass.) has created 15 Massachusetts Hunting Zones or otherwise known as wildlife management zones (WMZs) for hunting purposes. These zones reflect the differences in land use, habitat types, deer density, hunter access, and public input among the regions of the state. The WMZs determine the hunting seasons, bag limits, and antlerless deer permit allocations for each zone. The WMZs also offer hunters a range of hunting opportunities across the state, from the Berkshire hills to the coastal islands.

ZoneCountyArea (Sq miles)Deer Density (Sq mile)Antlerless Deer Permits per Quota (2023)
2Franklin and Hampshire1,58315400
4NBerkshire, Franklin, and Hampshire1,45616800
8Suffolk and Norfolk553503,100
9Plymouth and Bristol1,473407,200
10Cape Cod50320No Cap
11Martha’s Vineyard12720No Cap
13Central Worcester38920No Cap
14Eastern Worcester38920No Cap

Mass Hunting Zones Map (WMZ Map)

Massachusetts Counties

Hunters can find more information on the MassWildlife website, including a map of the hunting zones and a list of the hunting seasons and regulations for each zone. Hunters should always check with MassWildlife before heading out to hunt, as the hunting zones may change from year to year based on the latest wildlife data and management objectives.

Massachusetts wildlife management zones offer hunters a chance to enjoy the state’s natural beauty and wildlife diversity while contributing to their conservation and management. By following the rules and regulations set by MassWildlife, hunters can ensure a safe and ethical hunting experience for themselves and others.

For further information on Mass Hunting please check out our other post located here to explore season dates, license/permit information, cost and other misc items relating to the 2023 season.

Please Note: All items above can change at anytime, please visit the official Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife website for the most up to the date information.


MassWildlife (Mass DFW) | MassWildlife Zone Map | 2023 Mass Hunting Season Information (Roughkut)

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