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234.5 pound Maine Monster Whitetail

WeightPointsTagged byStationLocation
234.514???Bingham General StoreBingham, Maine

This 234.5 pound Maine Monster Whitetail sporting an impressive 14-point rack was tagged out at the Bingham General Store in Bingham, Maine. Bingham General Store shared this Maine Monster Whitetail or should we call it Maine Monstah Whitetail on their Facebook page. You can visit them here! While you at it drop RoughKut a like on facebook here! Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any information on the hunter that took this beast. If you’re reading this, I would love to share your story and post your name on under is buck. Welcome to the RoughKut 200+ club and 10+ point club!

Maine Monster Whitetail
234.5 Maine Monster Whitetail Photo Courtesy of: Bingham General Store

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