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Maine Fishing Records

Did you know Maine’s record Large Mouth Bass was caught in 1968 and weighed in at 11Ibs 10oz? How about Maines largest Pickerel? Check out the stats below for current Maine State Fishing records as of 5/3/23.

Maine’s Largest Largemouth Bass was caught by Robert Kamp in 1968, weighing in at 11 pounds 10 oz. Robert Kamp was a resident of Denmark, Maine when he caught this massive bass in Moose Pond. To show how impressive this size is, Maine’s average weight for a Largemouth Bass is between 1-3 pounds, with some going up to 8 pounds. This comparison alone shows just how massive Robert Kamp’s Largemouth Bass was.

Maine’s Largest Rainbow Trout was caught by Timothy Kelley of Arkansas. Timothy was in Maine with his wife and brand new baby, visiting family when he decided to go to Quarry Pond in Vinalhaven, Maine and cast a line. What he didn’t expect was that he was going to shatter the Maine Rainbow Trout Record. It took Tim 10 minutes to fight this monster and get it reeled in. But just before it was reeled in, his line snapped and Tim had to rush out into the water and bring it to shore. The official weight of Tim’s Rainbow Trout was 13 lbs 9 oz and a length of 32.5 inches. This is 5 pounds larger than the previous record holder! For comparison, Rainbow Trouts in Maine weigh between 3/4 of a pound to 9 lbs! What’s even more impressive is that he caught this monster with a $25 fishing pole from Walmart, a Shakespeare Ultralight Trout Rod. This goes to show you don’t need the best gear to claim your name in the record books.

Browse the below Maine Fishing Records below!

Musky33 lbsOnezime Dufour5/15/2010St. John River5-10
Lake Trout31 lbs 8 ozHollis Grindle1958Beech Hill Pond2-4
Atlantic Salmon28 lbs 1 ozHoward Clifford10/9/1980undisclosed1-4
Brown Trout23.5 lbsRobert Hodsdon3/6/1996Square Pond1-2
Landlocked Salmon22 lbs 8 ozEdward Blakely1907Sebago Lake1-3
Cusk18 lbs 8 ozAnnette Dumond3/15/1986Eagle Lake1-2
Common Carp16.3 lbsSamuel FosterSep-14Kennebec River10-15
Largemouth Bass11 lbs 10 ozRobert Kamp1968Moose Pond1-3
Splake10 lbs 3 ozDaniel R. Paquette5/8/1993Basin PondUp to 10
Brook Trout9 lbs 2 ozPatrick Coan1/8/2010Mousam Lake1-5
Smallmouth Bass8 lbsGeorge Dyer1970Thompson Lake2-3
Whitefish7 lbs 8 ozNeil Sullivan1958Sebago Lake1-3
Pickerel7 lbs 2 ozJosh Gagnon3/10/2007Balch Lake2-3
White Catfish6.69 lbsDanny Shores7/7/2015undisclosed1-3
Walleye5.7 lbsNathan Lawler8/1/2009Messalonskee Lake2-3
Blueback Trout5.24 lbsCarter McLaughlin8/20/2008Pushineer Pond.3-1
White Perch3.48 lbsJeffery Curtis1/23/2016undisclosed.5-1
Black Crappie3 lbs 9.76 ozQuinn WarrenFeb-12Messalonskee Lake.5-1
Fallfish3 lbs 12 ozWayne S. Morey9/12/1986Sibley Pond.5-1
Yellow Perch1.74 lbsAustin Mitchell3/28/2015Long Pond.25-.5
Pumpkinseed0.6 lbsGregory T. Schmidt9/9/2014Knights Pond.25-.5

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