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Spring Wild Turkey Season has begun in Maine.

Wild Turkey Season – Maine – Spring – 2023

Well its official the Spring Wild Turkey Season has begun in Maine and here’s what you need to know.

The start and end date for all Wildlife Management Districts (WMD) for the Spring Wild Turkey Season are the same among all 29 WMD’s. Both Starting on May 1, 2023 and Ending on June 3, 2023. However the bag limits are different. But keep in mind you are able to take up to 2 turkeys for the spring season but an individual WMD bag limit CANNOT be exceeded.

What does this mean? Lets break it down!

  • WMDs 7 and 9 through 29 you are aloud to take 2 bearded Wild Turkeys
  • WMDs 1 through 6 and 8 you are only aloud to take 1 beard Wild Turkey.

So if you took 1 Wild Turkey in WMDs 1-6 or 8 you would hit your limit for those WMD’s however you would still be able to take 1 additional bird in WMD’s 7,9-29. Even though WMDs 7,9-29 you are aloud to take 2 you would only be able to take 1 because you already took a turkey for the season in the 1 bag limit WMDs. Make sense?


  • Q: I Shot 2 Turkeys in WMDs 7, 9-29 can I still shoot a turkey in WMDs 1-6,8?
    • A: No because the season Bag limit is a max of 2, you got 2 already in WMDs 7,9-29.
  • Q: I shot 1 Turkey in WMDs 7,9-29 can I shoot a second one in WMDs 1-6,8?
    • A: Yes because the Season bag limit is 2 , Turkeys and you havn’t shot one in WMDs 1-6, 8 therefore you can still get one in these WMDS making it 1 in each set of WMD’s and still staying at the Season max bag limit.
  • Q: I shot my first Turkey in WMDs 1-6,8 can I shoot a second in 1-6,8?
    • A: No because although the Season bag limit is 2, in WMD’s 1-6,8 has a 1 Turkey max limit. You can however shoot your second Turkey in WMD 7, 9-29. Meeting you Season bag limit of 2.


Starting now you can head on over to the Maine Fish and Wildlife tag a turkey page to self register your Turkey vs choosing to register it at an in-person registration station. Some will still prefer the old fashion way but this is a major step in the right direction for Maine and a huge win for hunters. You can go directly to the TAG A TURKEY site by clicking here! or by pasting this link into your browser.

Once you are on the Tag a Turkey link you are going to want to click the orange SELF REGISTER A TURKEY ONLINE BUTTON

You will then be greeted with the following requirements. Make sure you have all the below available and ready to go.

What is required to Self Register your Wild Turkey?

  • MOSES ID (found on your hunting license)
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Current hunting license
  • Current turkey permit if not included in license
  • Current email address

Next you will click on the green start Registration button

Then you will fill out the form and continue on your way!

I hope these answered a few questions for you, or maybe it just confused you more? Either way don’t hesitate to drop a question on our Facebook page. Remember the most up to date information on Laws, Regulations, Season Dates and more can be found on the Maine Fish and Wildlife website located HERE! Or by pasting the direct link into your browser. and REMEMBER IF YOU GET A TURKEY, SEND IT IN TO ROUGHKUT ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. WE WOULD LOVE TO SHARE IT!

Please remember RoughKut should only be used as a reference and a helpful guide but always double check for accurate information on official State Fish and Wildlife Websites.

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