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Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin lies the captivating expanse of Lake Winnebago. With its sprawling waters encompassing about 132,000 acres, this magnificent inland lake has become a haven for anglers, boasting abundant fishing opportunities against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

Lake CharacteristicStatisticUnit
Surface area131,939acres
Shoreline length88miles
Maximum depth21feet
Average depth15.5feet
Fishery typeCold WaterN/A
Image SourceL USGS

Fish in Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago’s reputation as a fishing paradise stems from its diverse fishery, offering a wealth of species that enthrall anglers of all levels. Here are the key fish species that call this expansive lake home:

a) Walleye: Lake Winnebago is renowned for its exceptional walleye fishery, captivating anglers year-round. With peak seasons during spring and fall, the lake offers opportunities to chase trophy-sized walleye, enticing fishing enthusiasts seeking a thrilling challenge.

b) Yellow Perch: A thriving yellow perch population adds to the allure of Lake Winnebago. Anglers are drawn to these delectable panfish, particularly during the exciting ice fishing season when the lake’s frozen surface becomes a hub of activity.

c) White Bass: The spirited white bass population is another highlight of Lake Winnebago. Anglers are treated to exhilarating action during the annual spring spawning runs, as these fish congregate in large numbers, creating a memorable angling experience.

d) Musky: As the king of freshwater predators, the elusive muskellunge presents an exciting challenge for dedicated anglers. Lake Winnebago boasts a healthy musky population, offering the chance for exhilarating battles and the pursuit of trophy-sized catches.

WalleyeYellow PerchWhite BassMusky
Walleye Fishingyellow perchwhite bassmusky
Best Fishing MonthsApril-June, September-OctoberApril-June, September-October
May-June, September-OctoberMay-October
Best Fishing TimesDaytimeDaytimeDaytimeDaytime and nighttime
Estimated Population1.2 million50 million10 million10,000
Average Weight / Length
10-15 Ibs / 24-30 in
1-2 Ibs / 6-10 in1-2 Ibs / 12-16 in30-40 Ibs / 40-50 in

Fishing Hotspots on Lake Winnebago

When it comes to discovering prime fishing locations on Lake Winnebago, anglers are spoiled for choice.

a) Fond du Lac: Situated on the southern shore, Fond du Lac provides excellent access to the lake and a multitude of fishing opportunities. Anglers can explore the productive waters around Lakeside Park, Oven Island, and the Fond du Lac Marina, where they can test their skills and reel in impressive catches.

Image Source: Flickr

b) Oshkosh: Nestled on the western shore, Oshkosh offers fantastic fishing prospects. Anglers can venture into Millers Bay, Asylum Bay, and the mouth of the Fox River, known for their walleye, white bass, and musky populations, presenting ample opportunities for thrilling angling adventures.

Image Source: Visit Oshkosh

c) High Cliff State Park: Positioned on the northeastern shore, High Cliff State Park provides a tranquil fishing experience. Anglers can indulge in their passion amidst the park’s serene beauty, targeting a variety of fish species while enjoying the picturesque surroundings and nature trails.

Image Source: Good Free Photos

Lake Winnebago Lodging

Lake Winnebago and its surrounding towns offer a range of lodging options to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you seek the charm of a cozy bed and breakfast or the convenience of hotels and resorts, there is an accommodation choice to suit every angler’s needs. Fond du Lac and Oshkosh serve as excellent bases, providing plentiful options for comfortable stays during your fishing expedition.

Moreover, the lake is equipped with numerous boat launches, marinas, and fishing charters, ensuring easy access for visiting anglers. Local bait shops and tackle stores stand ready to assist with gear, bait, and fishing licenses, making it effortless to prepare for your angling escapades.

NameDistance to lakeType of lodgingRatingLink to website
Kalbus Cottage Lake WinnebagoOn the shoreCottage4.71/5Kalbus Cottage Lake Winnebago
Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center0.2 milesHotel9/10Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center
Secluded Lake House Retreat0.3 milesHome4.82/5Secluded Lake House Retreat
La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Oshkosh0.4 milesHotel8/10La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Oshkosh
Go and Go Cozy 2 bedroom Log home0.5 milesHome4.84/5Go and Go Cozy 2 bedroom Log home

Lake Winnebago Fishing Tournaments and Events

Vibrant Fishing Tournaments and Events: Lake Winnebago plays host to a vibrant lineup of fishing tournaments and events throughout the year, attracting anglers from far and wide. These gatherings offer the chance to compete, connect with fellow fishing enthusiasts, and potentially win coveted prizes. From thrilling walleye tournaments to lively ice fishing derbies, Lake Winnebago proudly showcases its thriving fishing culture and camaraderie.

National Walleye TourMay 17-18, 2023Oshkosh, WINational Walleye Tour
Winnebago Walleye SeriesMay 7, May 21, June 25, July 16, 2023Malone, WIWinnebago Walleye Series
Bago Walleye ClubMay 15, June 5, June 26, July 10, 2023Oshkosh, WIBago Walleye Club
Lake Winnebago CabinsVarious datesLake Winnebago, WILake Winnebago Cabins
Lake Winnebago Vacation RentalsVarious datesLake Winnebago, WILake Winnebago Vacation Rentals

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin’s majestic gem, unveils a world of fishing wonder. From the diverse fish population to the popular fishing hotspots, this vast lake is a haven for anglers seeking unforgettable adventures. With comfortable lodging options and convenient amenities, coupled with the allure of fishing tournaments and events, Lake Winnebago stands tall as an angler’s paradise. Embark on your own fishing journey and discover the captivating depths of this remarkable lake.

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