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East Grand Lake, Maine

Fishing in East Grand Lake, Maine

East Grand Lake is one of the largest and most pristine lakes in Maine, with a surface area of 16,000 acres and a maximum depth of 128 feet. It is located on the border between Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and forests. East Grand Lake is a popular destination for anglers who seek a variety of fish species, including smallmouth bass, landlocked salmon, lake trout, brook trout, white perch, yellow perch, chain pickerel and more.

Fish Species and Seasons

East Grand Lake is widely acclaimed for its excellent fishing opportunities for smallmouth bass and landlocked salmon¹. Smallmouth bass can be caught year-round, but the best time is from late May to early October. They can grow up to six pounds and are often found in rocky coves, weed beds and drop-offs². Landlocked salmon are also available throughout the year, but the peak season is from mid-May to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-October. They can weigh up to eight pounds and are usually caught by trolling or fly fishing near the surface². Other fish species that can be found in East Grand Lake are listed in the table below.

Fish SpeciesSeasonAverage WeightNotes
Lake troutYear-round3-5 lbsPrefer deep and cold water; best caught by jigging or trolling
Brook troutYear-round1-2 lbsFound in tributaries and shallow areas; best caught by fly fishing or spinning
White perchYear-round1-2 lbsAbundant in the lake; best caught by bottom fishing or jigging
Yellow perchYear-round0.5-1 lbAbundant in the lake; best caught by bottom fishing or jigging
Chain pickerelYear-round2-4 lbsFound in weedy areas; best caught by spinning or casting
Redbreast sunfishSpring-Summer0.25-0.5 lbFound in shallow areas; best caught by fly fishing or bobber fishing
Rainbow smeltSpring-Fall0.25-0.5 lbFound near the surface; best caught by dip netting or jigging
WhitefishFall-Winter1-3 lbsFound in deep water; best caught by ice fishing or jigging

Permits and Regulations

To fish in East Grand Lake, you need a valid Maine fishing license, which can be purchased online or at local vendors. The license fees vary depending on your age, residency and duration. For example, a resident adult annual license costs $25, while a non-resident adult 7-day license costs $43. You also need to follow the general fishing laws and regulations of Maine, as well as the special rules for East Grand Lake. Some of these rules are:

  • The daily bag limit for landlocked salmon is one fish, with a minimum length of 14 inches.
  • The daily bag limit for lake trout is two fish, with a minimum length of 18 inches.
  • The daily bag limit for brook trout is five fish, with a minimum length of 6 inches.
  • The daily bag limit for smallmouth bass is three fish, with a minimum length of 12 inches.
  • The use of live fish as bait is prohibited.
  • The use of more than two lines per person is prohibited.

For more information on the fishing laws and regulations of Maine, please visit³.

Lake Characteristics and Statistics

East Grand Lake is part of the Chiputneticook Lakes system, which drains into the St. Croix River and eventually into the Bay of Fundy. The lake has a complex shape with many islands, bays and peninsulas. It has a shoreline length of 78 miles and an average depth of 35 feet. The water quality is high and clear, with a pH level of 6.8 and a dissolved oxygen level of 9.6 mg/L. The lake temperature varies from about 70°F in summer to 48°F in winter at the surface, and from 48°F to 39°F at 110 feet deep.

Some of the lake characteristics and statistics are summarized in the table below.

Lake CharacteristicStatisticUnit
Surface area16,070acres
Shoreline length78miles
Maximum depth128feet
Average depth35feet
pH level6.8
Dissolved oxygen level9.6mg/L
Depth Chart

Fishing Tips and Techniques

Fishing in East Grand Lake can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it also requires some knowledge and skills to be successful. Here are some tips and techniques that can help you catch more fish in East Grand Lake:

  • Use a map or a fish finder to locate the best fishing spots, such as islands, points, drop-offs, shoals and weed beds.
  • Use the appropriate tackle and bait for the fish species you are targeting. For example, use light to medium spinning rods and reels with 6 to 10 pound test line for smallmouth bass and salmon, and use heavier rods and reels with 12 to 20 pound test line for lake trout and pickerel. For bait, use live or artificial worms, minnows, crayfish, leeches, spoons, spinners, plugs, jigs or flies.
  • Vary your fishing methods depending on the season, weather and water conditions. For example, in spring and fall, fish near the surface or in shallow areas where the water is warmer and more oxygenated. In summer and winter, fish deeper or in cooler areas where the fish are more active. In sunny and calm days, fish early or late in the day when the fish are less wary. In cloudy and windy days, fish anytime of the day when the fish are more aggressive.
  • Practice catch and release whenever possible to conserve the fish population and ensure a sustainable fishery. Use barbless hooks or pinch the barbs with pliers to minimize injury to the fish. Handle the fish gently and quickly with wet hands or a rubber net. Release the fish as soon as possible by holding it in the water until it swims away.

Lodging on East Grand Lake

If you are looking for a place to stay while fishing on East Grand Lake, you have several options to choose from. Whether you prefer a cozy cabin, a spacious cottage, a comfortable lodge or a scenic campground, you can find the perfect lodging for your needs and budget. Here are some of the lodging options available on East Grand Lake:

Lodge NameRoomsType of LodgingLocation and Address
Rideout’s Lodge14 cabins and 2 suitesLodge with full-service dining room, boat rentals and guide serviceOn the western shore of East Grand Lake at 6 Waterfront Drive, Weston, ME 04424
Greenland Cove Campground50 campsites and 4 cabinsCampground with water and electric hookups, boat launch and dock, store and laundry facilitiesOn the southern end of East Grand Lake at 82 Greenland Cove Road, Danforth, ME 04424
Greenland Cove Cabins5 cabinsCabins with full kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces, boat launch and dockOn the southern end of East Grand Lake at 90 Greenland Cove Road, Danforth, ME 04424
Cowgers’ Lakefront Cabins7 cabinsCabins with full kitchens, bathrooms and screened porches or decks, boat launch and dockOn the western shore of East Grand Lake at 146 Cowger Lane, Danforth, ME 04424
First Settler’s Lodge8 rooms and 2 suitesLodge with restaurant, bar and gift shop, overlooking Baskahegan Stream and Baskahegan LakeNear the northern end of East Grand Lake at 341 US Route 1, Weston, ME 04424

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