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Lake Murvaul, Texas

Lake Murvaul, Texas

If you are looking for a great fishing destination in Texas, you might want to check out Lake Murvaul. This 3,507-acre reservoir is located on Murvaul Bayou in Panola County, about 15 miles west of Carthage.

Lake Murvaul is famous for its largemouth bass fishery, which has been producing trophy bass since the 1960s. The lake has a 14- to 21-inch protective slot length limit for bass, which means you can only keep bass that are smaller than 14 inches or larger than 21 inches. Only one bass over 21 inches can be kept per day. The lake also receives regular stockings of Florida largemouth bass to enhance the genetic potential of the population.

But bass are not the only fish you can catch at Lake Murvaul. The lake also has abundant channel catfish and crappie, as well as bluegill, redear sunfish, and flathead catfish. The lake has no minimum length or daily bag limit for sunfish, which makes them a fun and easy target for anglers of all ages and skill levels. The lake also has special regulations for other fish species, such as white bass, striped bass, hybrid striped bass, carp, gar, and trout. You can find the details of these regulations on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.

FishAverage WeightRecord Weight
Largemouth Bass3-5 lbs14.67 lbs
Crappie0.5-1.5 lbs2.75 lbs
Channel Catfish2-4 lbs13.25 lbs
Flathead Catfish10-20 lbs55.5 lbs
Bluegill0.1-0.3 lbs1.25 lbs

Lake Murvaul offers a variety of fishing cover and structure to suit different fishing styles and preferences. The lake has natural habitat such as inundated timber, aquatic vegetation, and creek channels, as well as man-made structures such as rip rap, boat houses, and docks. You can also find artificial fish habitat made of PVC cubes that have been placed by TPWD in cooperation with the Panola County Fresh Water District. These cubes attract fish and can be located using GPS and a fish finder.

Lake Murvaul has several public access facilities that provide boat ramps, fishing piers, restrooms, picnic areas, and camping sites. You can also find private marinas and resorts that offer boat rentals, bait sales, snacks, cabins, RV sites, and more. One of the most popular places to visit is the Lake Murvaul Marina & Resort, which has a restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks.

Lake Murvaul Statistics

Surface area3,507 acres
Maximum depth36 feet
Water level100.0% full as of 2023-05-03
Largemouth Bass populationAbundant with many fish within the protective slot length limit
Channel Catfish populationMore than doubled in 2021 compared to 2017 with many fish above the minimum length limit

Lake Murvaul is a fishing paradise that offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day on the water or a thrilling challenge to catch a trophy bass, you will not be disappointed by this beautiful lake in Texas. So grab your fishing gear and head to Lake Murvaul for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

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