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Rare Footage Captures Piebald Black Bear

Piebald Black Bear caught on Trailcam

When setting up a trail camera in the woods, you expect – or at least hope – to catch something truly amazing. Well, one lucky individual in Washington State got just that: something truly amazing and special. He captured footage of a piebald black bear with his trail cam.

The video was captured on the Shoalwater Bay Reservation near Tokeland, Washington. It features an 8-second clip of a black and white piebald black bear walking across the screen. The video was posted on TikTok by user Nativedude1 and reposted and reuploaded countless time on varies social media outlets. Watch the video below.

What is a Piebald

A piebald animal is an animal that has white spots on its fur, feathers or skin. The white spots are there because the animal has a different gene that makes some of its cells not have any color. The gene is like a mistake in the animal’s DNA. The white spots can show up on different parts of the animal’s body, depending on how the cells move and grow when the animal is still very small inside its mother.

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