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Whitetail Hotspots : The Top 5 States for Whitetail Deer Population

Where to Find the Most Whitetail Deer in the US

If you love whitetail deer, you might be wondering where you can find the most of them in the US. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve done the research for you and ranked the top 5 states with the highest whitetail deer population. Whether you want to hunt them, watch them, or just admire them from afar, these are the states you should check out.

5. Michigan

Michigan is a great place to see some huge whitetail bucks. The state has around 1.7 to 2 million of them, which is pretty impressive. Michigan has a lot of different habitats for deer, like forests, fields, and lakes. The state also has a lot of hunters who keep the deer population in check and prevent them from getting sick or starving. Michigan is famous for producing some of the biggest bucks ever recorded.

4. Mississippi

Mississippi is another state with a ton of whitetail deer. The state has about 1.75 million of them, which is the same as Alabama. Mississippi has a nice weather that lets deer live comfortably all year long. The state also has a lot of food for deer, like crops, trees, and grasses. Mississippi has a long hunting season that goes from October to February, so you have plenty of chances to bag a deer. Mississippi also has a good deer management program that makes sure the deer are healthy and strong.

3. Alabama

Alabama is tied with Mississippi for having the third most whitetail deer in the US. The state also has about 1.75 million of them. Alabama has a similar weather and habitat as Mississippi, but it also has some extra perks for deer. For example, Alabama has a big coastal area that gives deer access to salt water, swamps, and wetlands. These places are good for deer because they offer protection and water sources. Alabama also has a long hunting season that lasts from mid-November to late February.

2. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the second best state for whitetail deer lovers. The state has about 1.6 million of them. Wisconsin is known for its big bucks and its deer hunting culture. The state has a lot of different landscapes that suit deer, like woods, farms, prairies, and lakes. These places give deer plenty of places to hide and eat. Wisconsin also has a smart deer management program that keeps track of the deer population and sets the hunting rules accordingly. Wisconsin is the state with the most record-breaking bucks ever.

1. Texas

Texas is the ultimate state for whitetail deer fans. The state has a whopping 5.3 million of them. That’s more than any other state by far. Texas is huge, so it has a lot of space for deer to spread out. The state also has a varied climate and terrain that goes from deserts to mountains to forests. Texas has more than 200 kinds of plants that feed deer all year long. Texas also has a low hunting pressure compared to other states, as only about 10% of its land is open to public hunting.

Whitetail deer are awesome and they live all over North America, but some states have more than others. Based on the latest data we could find, the top 5 states with the most whitetail deer are Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Mississippi, and Michigan. These states have everything that deer need to grow and survive, like weather, habitat, food, and management. They also have everything that you need to enjoy these beautiful animals.

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